Managing a Company Blog? The 10 Biggest Mistakes And the Smartest Ways to Correct Them

Since exploding onto the scene a few years back, the term blogging has grown to encompass much more than just keeping an online journal for your friends to read. These days most websites have a blog of some sort and often that will be what makes up the main bulk of the site.

Thats why every self-respecting website needs a blog, and its why anyone with an online presence will keep one: from journalists to hobbyists and especiallybusinesses. Having a company blog is one of the very best ways to attract customers to a companys website, its great for marketing and SEO, and its even better for building customer loyalty.

But blogging is also a nuanced and delicate process with a steep learning curve- it takes some work to get right. If you dont know how to make the most out of a company blog, then at best youll be wasting your time and far from helping you with all those things it can actually risk damaging your organisation.

This is a common problem for a lot of CEOs and entrepreneurs that have little experience in running a website or writing content, but nevertheless dive in at the deep end and start posting.

To make sure that this doesnt happen to you and that you arent wasting your blog, read on and well go over some of the most common mistakes that businesses make when running their company blogs.[…]