How to Use Content Marketing For a Boring Industry

Its not hard to leverage content marketing for topics like health, dating or politics. But it is much harder to dofor topics like finance, dental or insurance. For this reason, you dont see too many people in those spaces using content marketing as a core part of their strategy.

Yes, those spaces are competitive, but with content marketing, youll be able to compete. Best of all, it will be really affordable to compete due to the fact that creating content doesnt have to be expensive.

Who is your ideal customer? You already know who it is. I bet you even know the problemsyour ideal customer isfacing. And I am sure your knowledge of your customers problems goes beyond those that are simply related to your product or service and extends to any common problem they face in their personal or business lives.

You already know content marketing is effective, and youve seen thousands of businesses use it. It allows them to get thousands of visitors to their site and outrank you in the search engine listings. So, why arent you leveraging it? Its because youre in a boring industry, right? […]