5 Content Marketing Myths That Need to Die

5 Content Marketing Myths That Need to Die

Content marketing relies on the Know-Like-Trust factor, and as anyone who’s ever been in any kind of relationship will attest, building trust is never easy. It takes a lifetime to build and a moment’s carelessness to destroy.

Myth 1: Content Marketing is Easy (Compared to Other Forms of Promotion)

Myth 2: Content Marketing Doesn’t Take Much Time

Myth 3: Content Marketing can be Automated – Set it and Forget it

Myth 4: Content Marketing is Inexpensive

Myth 5: Content Marketing can be Handled by the Intern

In 2013 content marketing has finally progressed from a buzzword to a legitimate mainstream marketing strategy , and we can expect more such validation in 2014. If you’re a brand thinking about investing in content marketing, don’t fall for any of these content marketing misconceptions. […]